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We created Rage to Reign because we were always a bit different, the outspoken ones. Our designs share our story, our thoughts, & our experiences. We are building a family of black sheep, we hope you find your family with us.

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Meet the Sponsored Athletes of Rage to Reign.

Code: Harlan20
Ifbb pro Harlan Taylor Jr.

"Rage to Reign means taking all your defeats, all your personal, all the negative things you were told and turning them into blessings. I have been competing in bodybuilding for 7 years and here are some of my achievements: 1st place Open Men's Physique Class A Indiana Muscle -Overall open Men's Physique Indiana Muscle -1st Place Men's Physique 40 North Americans -Overall Men's Physique 40 North Americans -3rd Place Men's Physique Open Class A North Americans -5th Place Pittsburg PRO Masters -11th Place Men's Physique Open Orlando Europa PRO -Overall Men's Physique 40 Tampa PRO -10th Place Men's Physique open Tampa PRO -12th PlaceMen's Physique Open Charlotte Cup PRO -2nd Place Men's Physique 35 Optimum Class PRO -8th Place Men's Physique Open Optimum Classic PRO -2nd Place Men's Physique 35 Palmetto Classic PRO -2nd Place Men's Physique 40 Palmetto Classic PRO

Code: edmonds5517
IFBB PRO Matt Edmonds

"What Rage to Reign means to me? Everything!!! I have been a part of Rage to Reign from the very first shirt. But it’s more than just an apparel line to me. It's something I've always believed in. Watching it grow and being a part of that growth has been a huge part of where I'm at today in bodybuilding. Zach, Bess, and Jackson have become family to me, they have always believed in me, and the team we have put together is amazing. I'm honored to be a part of it and I will never change up. RAGE TO REIGN IS IN MY BLOOD!!!"

Code: Inkdbby15
Ashley Kearns

"I love bodybuilding because of the respect, confidence, self assurance, and overall confidence it brings. Always striving for something. I have done a total of 3 shows so far. The reason I chose Rage to Reign is because it legit is like a family. The support everyone goves one another is amazing. The owners of the company are all around good people and acknowledge everyone's hard work and motivate their ambassadors and athletes. I've met some pretty awesome people since joining Rage to Reign when I was an ambassador."

Code: reaper20
Daniel Kilgore

"I picked up a weight for the first time when I was 13 years old for off season football weight training. That very moment I when I fell in love with working out. My journey has taken me to the collegiate level on a football scholarship to the military where II served in the 1st Ranger Batallion 75th Regiment. I have managed gyms and trained for years now. The greatest gift in life is when someone I worked with tells me I have completely changed their life for the better."

Code: jenk15
Jen Kerns

Jen Kerns joined the Rage to Reign team as an Athlete in May 2021. Jen serves her community with 11 years experience in business development, community relations, marketing, and sales.
Jen is a 4x National Qualified Bikini Competitor and strives to be the best version of herself as a mother of 2 boys, wife, and community connector.

Code: DLB15
David Boyd

"I was always into working out, since 7th grade. I used to work at a gym and would admire the hard work and dedication of the bodybuilders that trained there. As I've gotten older, I would workout off and on, then life took over and I stopped working out, started eating and gained over 300 lbs. What opened my eyes was, I applied for a position in which I failed the physical. From there I made an appointment with my doctor for a check up. He said that I was 10-15 lbs away from being a diabetic. At that point in my life I knew I needed to change my lifestyle; not only for me but for my children. Once I started getting back in the gym, I began to see the results of my hard work and dedication. I caught the bug and started competing in my first show in the early 2000s. From then on I knew this is what I wanted to do."